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Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner

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  • AS-108M

    Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner

    The AS-108M fingerprint sensor module consists of HF-108 fingerprint sensor and MCU stalled with algorithm mainly. The module provides one UART interface output port for connecting to a main board of device.

  • HF302GD

    Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner










    l   Complete Fingerprint Sensor Module:

    l   HF302GT Sensor with iG102CL Sensor Controller

    l   Module Size: 35mm x 23mm x 5mm

    l   Connector used: BL123H-10R-TAND (10 pin/pitch 1.0mm)

    l   Housing Material: Steel

    l   ESD Tolerance: +/- 15KV

    l   FPS: 9.3/sec

    l   HF302GT Sensor:

    l   Pixel: 256 x 360

    l   Pixel Size: 50 um x 50 um

    l   Spatial Resolution: 508 dpi

    l   Sensing Area: 12.8mm x 18mm

    l   iG102CL Controller

    l   SPI Clock: 16MHz

    l   Package: LGA 84 pin

    l   Package Size: 7mm x 7mm x 0.8mm

    l   Power Consumption:

    l   Total Supply Current: 15 mA

    l   Standby Current: 60 uA

    l   Sleep Current: 37 uA

    l   Environmental Specification

    l   Operating temperature: -20° C to +70° C

    l   Storage temperature: -40° C to +85° C

    l   RoHS compliant and low-halogen

    l   RCA: 200 cycle

    l   Pencil Hardness: 7H

    l   Cross cut: 5B

    l   PIV Certification

  • AR-108

    Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner

  • AD-013 (Retired !!!)

    Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner



    The  AD-013  fingerprint sensor module is consist from a fingerprint sensor & a MCU. The module provide one UART interface output port for connecting to customer side main board.

    The operation of AD-013 is as following, a fingerprint image captured by pixel array, delivery fingerprint ridge or valley signals to A/D converter and digital processor, then to the serial peripheral interface for data-reading. Due to MCU already installed fingerprint algorithm, the user can through UART interface use MCU SOC command to operate module like fingerprint enroll, match operations etc.

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