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GPS Module



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  • GP-3711

    GPS Module


    The GP-3711 is a ROM-based mini GPS module which is

    special designed for ultra low power consumption purpose

    environment. It is a GPS receiver providing a solution  that

    high position and speed accuracy performances as well as

    high sensitivity and tracking apabilities in urban conditions. 

    This mini module has extremely small size (only 11.5mm x

    11.5mm area). The GPS chipsets inside the module  are 

    designed  by  MediaTek  Inc.,  which  is  the  world's  leading

    digital media solution provider & largest fab-less IC company

    in Taiwan. The module can support up to 66 channels.

    The GPS solution enables small form factor devices.

    They deliver major advancements in GPSperformances,

    accuracy, integration, computing power and  flexibility. 

    They  are  designed  tosimplify  the  embedded  system 

    integration process.

  • GP39-1513

    GPS Module



    GP39-1513 features high sensitivity, low power and ultra

    small form  factor. The  module  is  powered by  MediaTek.

    It can provide you with superior sensitivity and performance

    even  in  urban  canyon  and  dense  foliage  environment .

    The  miniature  size  makes  the  module easy to  ntegrate

    into  portable  device l ike  mobile  phone,  PDAs, camera

    and vehicle locatorsThis module supports hybrid

    ephemeris prediction to achieve faster cold start.

    One is self-generated ephemeris prediction that is no need of both network assistance and host CPU’s

    intervention. This is valid for up to 3 days and updates automatically from time to time when GPS module

    is powered on and satellites are available. The other is server-generated ephemeris prediction that gets

    from an internet server. This is valid for up to 14 days. Both ephemeris predictions are stored in the on-

    board flash memory and perform a cold start time less than 15 seconds.

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