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3.5G Module with SIM holder

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  • WU-350

    3.5G Module with SIM holder

    WU-350, 3.75G WCDMA(UMTS)/

    GPRS/EDGE Mini PCIe Card w/

    SIM Card Holder/Audio Options



    WU-350 PCI Express Mini Card is designed with  u-blox
    3.75G  wireless  WAN  technologies.  It  supports  up  to
    6-band  HSPA+  and  quad-band  GSM/GPRS/EDGE  data
    transmission with voice capability.

    Not  only  exhibits  excellent  hardware/radio  frequency
    performance,  it  also  supports  rich  software  for  fast
    product  development.  Following  the  PCI  Express  Mini
    Card standard, it could be easily applied in devices with PC architecture.

    SIM card holder, speaker, and microphone connectors to support  audio  function  are  convenient 

    options  which could  be  built-in  or  not,  depending  on  the  application demand.

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