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Fingerprint Biometric Sensor





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  • HF-105

    Fingerprint Biometric Sensor




    The  HF105 fingerprint  image sensor is  based on capacitive-

    touched technology with hardened surface and enhanced ESD

    strength . The builtin analog and digital  circuits could minimize

     the number of external  components, and provide easy-to-use

     standard SPI interface to microprocessors.

    The  operation of  HF105  is as  following , a fingerprint image

    captured by pixel  array , delivering  fingerprint ridge or valley

    signals to A/D converter and digital processor, then to the serial peripheral interface for data-reading.The image

    quality of HF105 can be adjusted by setting gain, offset and reference voltage parameters internally. In addition, the internal operations and interface speed can also be configured to meet various finger conditions.

    HF105 also has finger detection function and windowing function for different applications.


    AD-013 Fingerprint Scanner:



    Application: Padlock HL1100+





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