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Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor





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  • HF-108

    Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor




    The HF-108 fingerprint image sensor is based on capacitive-touch technology with hardened
    surface and  enhanced ESD strength. The build-in analog and digital circuitries minimize the
    number of external components, and provide  easy-to-use , standard SPI  interface to micro-processors.

    The operation of HF-108 is as following, a fingerprint image captured by pixel array, delivery fingerprint
    ridge or valley signals to  A/D converter  and digital processor, then to the serial peripheral interface for
    data-reading. The internal operation parameters and interface speed can also be configured to meet

    various finger conditions.

    The whole new hardware Auto 3A Engine can calibrate image background gray scale, auto detect finger
    and adaptive to dry/wet finger. To achieve target of taking best quality fingerprint image in one shot.


  • AD-S10G

    Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor

    AD-S10G is a new type of capacitance fingerprint sensor that is manufactured on the glass substrate. The active area is designed to meet FAP10 specification that is as large as 12.8x18mm , which can acquire a full fingerprint image at one touch.

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