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GPS Module (PoT)

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  • GP3906-TLP

    GPS Module (PoT)


    The  GP3906-TLP  is  a  POT  (Patch  on  Top)  GPS  module  which  is  special
    designed for ultra low power consumption purpose environment. It is a GPS receiver
    providing a solution that high position and speed accuracy performances as well as
    high sensitivity and tracking capabilities in urban conditions. The GPS chipsets inside
    the module are designed by MediaTek Inc., which is the world's leading digital media
    solution provider and largest fab-less IC company in Taiwan. The module can support
    up to 66 channels. The GPS solution enables small form factor devices. They deliver
    major advancements in GPS performances, accuracy, integration, computing power
    and  flexibility.  They  are  designed  to  simplify  the  embedded  system  integration

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