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GPS tracker

* The GPS and GSM modules are integrated inside the tracking unit case.

GPS –SIRF 4 (with AGPS support).

* GPRS/ SMS and Voice I/O

* Save and Auto Resend up to 16384 locations

* Built in motion switch (activated by G-Force) and collision detector

* 7 negative outputs (200mA max per output)

* 8 negative or positive inputs (active low or active high to activate input).

 (Inputs can be configured for multiple functions)

* 2 Analogue inputs with 1 Analogue input from 0 to +3.3 Volt – MAX with 10 Bit resolution and 1 Analogue input from 0 to +18Volt-MAX with 10 Bit resolution.

* 2 Digital (0-+3.3Volt-MAX) inputs or outputs.

* External +3.3Volt DC or +5Volt DC output power.

* 3 * Serial RS232 port (2 * 9600 baud Rate and 1* High speed 115200) for external communication, firmware upgrade or direct access to GSM. Suitable for Internet connection or data download or upload (FTP download and upload is available).

* Detects external power loss (Measures external power voltage).

* I-BUTTON, RFID (Mifare), Magnetic Card Reader (2*), TPMS, CAN Bus, Blue tooth Display, GPS speed display connection, Fuel Measurement (2*) connection and many more.

* Up to 3 Digital temperature reader connection option (simple 2 or 3 wire connection).

* Build in Voice/ Speech converter for full Voice commands for any input or output activations.

* GSM modem Voice I/O connector for Voice and Video calls.

* GPS antenna detection for short circuit or not connected

* Build in backup battery.

* Pulse counter or RPM counter input

* Direct serial RS232 (9600 baud Rate) GPS data output port for Navigation purpose.

* Build in camera module interface (2 * Analogue camera connection)

 Full Video (Cyclic) with sound and Picture control

* Micro SD card interface for up to 32GB micro SD card

* Operating temperature range -25 deg. C to +70 deg. C  (Battery 0 – 60 deg. C)