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ACM260(WTL01) Submersible Level Transmitter

Industrial Sensors

ACM260(WTL01) Submersible Level Transmitter measures static pressure of the liquid proportional to the level depth using high performance piezoresistive silicon chip as the measuring element. The result is converted to standard

current or voltage signal output through signal conditioning circuit, establishing the linear corresponding relation between the output signal and liquid depth to complete the measurement of the liquid depth.

The product has advantages of high precision and small volume.

Submerse it directly into liquid, the height between the end of the transmitter to the liquid level is measured easily.

The product has passed long-term aging and stability screening with stable and reliable performance and can be used in harsh outdoor environment.

It is applicable to the measurement and control of the liquid level in the petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, urban water supply and hydrological exploration fields.