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ACM266 Smart Submersible Level Transmitter

Industrial Sensors

ACM266 level transmitter is a fully sealed submerged type liquid level measuring instrument in full stainless steel design.

The product adopts high stability and reliability piezoresistive OEM pressure sensor and high precision smart transmitter processing circuit,

and applies precision digital temperature compensation technique and non-linearity correction technique.

The waterproof cable is hermetically connected to the shell, and the breather pipe is set inside the cable,

which can be used in liquid for a long time. The integrated structure and standardized output signal provide convenience for field use and automatic control. The product works in two wire system. It is compact, light-weighted, easy to install and use.

It can directly replace the analog output transmitter of 4 ~ 20mA of two wire system. It is applicable to equipment matching and the measurement and control of static pressure level and liquid level in liquid tanks, sewages, industrial water, ponds, wells, rivers, sea, lakes, etc.