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  • RF-001001



RF-001001-- RF Header (Mini Coaxial Connector)
The RF series is designed for high frequency or wireless equipment application

A) Features
1. High performance and broad range of frequency from DC to 6GHz.
2. Only 2mm mating height maximum. Receptacle size only 3.0mmx3.0mm.
Most suitable for low-profile as well as high density design.
3. Tape and Reel packaging suitable for SMT and re-flow soldering.
4. Jig for connector removal can be easily installed.
5. Applications on such as, mobile phone, cordless phone, GRS, PDA, wireless NB,
PCI module, measuring equipment and many more.
B) Specification
1.Specification sheet of R F H eader RF-001001

Rated Voltage
           60V rms
Rated Frequency
Temperature rating
       -40 to +85
Insulation Resistance
Withstand Voltage
        200V rms
Contact Resistance
Inner resistance:20mΩ Max.
Outer resistance: 10mΩ Max.
  1.2 max.   0-3GHz
   1.3 max.   3-6GHz
Inner resistance: 25mΩ Max.
Outer resistance: 15mΩMax.
Mini. Packing Quantity
5000pcs per Reel

C). Material (RoHS)

1.Inner Electrode C
 Copper Alloy
Gold Plated
2.Outer Electrode
 Copper Alloy
Gold Plated



D) Dimensions
 1. Outline Dimension(in mm)
 2. Recommend PCB PAD dimension (in mm)
E)  Reflow Profile
Notice 1.Soldering must be carried out without exceeding the allowable temperature and  
       time as above chart.
      2. Mounting temperature profile varies to board size, solder type and solder 
      3. In case of repeat soldering. The article should be cooling down. or reduce the
       max. temperature time. 
      4. Do not use hand soldering, or should be according to following condition
         Pre-heating: 150℃/60-120S, Soldering 350 (at the tip of soldering iron)/2S
      5. In case of cleaning soldering terminals and leads of the product should be
        a) Using Rosin base and without strong acid flux.
        b) Flux should be completely cleaned from terminal to prevent possible deduce it’s 
       6. Do not use washing this product.
F) Packing
G) Storage
 Store witch the following conditions
1)    Temperature at -10 to +40, Humidity at 15% to 85%.              
2)    Within 6 months after receipt.
   3) If doing so, check the terminal solderability before use.
H) Precaution
 1) This product is intended to be used for circuit inspection only, If any the other 
    application, Please contact us.
 2) This product is designed for electrical device in environment specified in above
    specification table, Following conditions not be used .
a)    Ambient air containing corrosive, volatile or combustible gas.
b)    In higher humidity, condensable ambient air or in liquid.
c)    In higher or lower than rating temperature environments.
d)    Environments with high concentration of airborne particles
e)    In direct sunlight.
f)     Excessive vibration or shock environments.
g)    Other similar above conditions.
h)   Contact us before using the product in or under any of above environment conditions.
 3) For used of this product be sure to put contract area of plug on right position...
 4) Plug can be classified to two types as below
    a) Manual check (for engineering) –do not used at production line.
    b) Automatic check (press down type)—for mass production line.